Logo du Bioparc

Our mission

Our vision is one of a world where man reconciles with nature…

Our mission:

• Ignite emotion through immersion
We call on the natural and cultural richness of the park to create atmospheres reminiscent of the animals’ natural habitats.

• Represent species from endangered wildernesses
Guided by our experience and our encounters, we welcome animals whose presence at the Bioparc shows the survival difficulties of their wild cousins.

• Be implicated in their country of origin
Throughout the world, and consistent with the human populations, we assist and support local associations dedicated to the preservation of endangered species or valued and valuable natural environments.

• Turn the park into an exchange and awareness raising space
We wish to pass on the values of sharing and respect from our experience with men and nature.

Welcome to the BIOPARC of Doué la Fontaine, the park of life.