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South-American great aviary

It is the largest aviary in Europe!

Harnessed in a purpose-built quarry, a truly mineral-rich labyrinth, it recreates either a canyon or the Andean dry rocky shores. It hosts 35 different bird species from similar rocky ecosystems and nesting cliffs, and a pair of giant anteater. The incredible proximity with the 8 parrot species is an unforgettable experience. A fresh water zone accommodates flamingos, scarlet ibis, roseate spoonbills and ducks, whilst the colony of Humboldt penguins, the Inca terns and the Chilean pelican have taken up a basin with gushing waterfalls. The Great Aviary is above all the only aviary in the world where Andean condors can fly. Together with the Turkey vulture, king vultures and the black-faced ibis, they haunt the rocky peaks. You may want to spend long hours gazing at their behaviour and the interaction between species.