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Environmental politic

At the heart of a remarkable and unique site, and for over 50 years, our family-run company passes down an environmental heritage that generates the interest of passionate associates and the attachment of sensitized visitors.

In 2001, as part of the zoo’s 40th birthday, we have taken up multiple conservation projects around the world: the “Nature Projects”. These projects are dedicated to wildlife’s and endangered ecosystems’ preservation, by taking into account the interests of the human communities affected, with a view to sustainable development in harmony with our environment. The human relationships grown out of these programs, as well as the growing success of our actions, feed us and transcend the philosophy of the BIOPARC beyond our borders.

The BIOPARC’s philosophy has turned to such questions as the biodiversity’s conservation, as well as its need to identify the environmental impact of its own activities within this very territory.

The BIOPARC commits to a management system coherent with its educational mission. Our commitment to preventing the pollution generated by the site’s activities, the environmental risks, to respecting the legal requirements’ compliance and other civic obligations, drives our willingness to better in the long run our everyday life and to highlight our landscape.

BIOPARC’s activities revolve around the visit of the zoological park and its organisation. We are committed to minimize the environmental aspects caused by our activities:
- reduce our emissions (wastes, sewage, greenhouse gas)
- decrease our consumption of non-renewable natural resources
- fit our constructions to the site, whilst taking its history into account
- raise the awareness of our visitors to environmental issues

We adapt our activities so that nature can durably blossom and that our BIOPARC remains this inexhaustible matrix, a cultural and spirited landscape, for the well being of all people.

Notre site de visite est engagé dans la démarche nationale : Qualité tourisme.

Pourquoi ?
Parce que notre équipe souhaite que tous les clients, à n’importe quel moment de leur venue et qui que ce soit qui les accueille, bénéficient de la meilleure qualité d’accueil, de visite et de service, au téléphone par mail, ou de visu.

Comment ?
Il s’agit d’une démarche collective et motivante, source d’amélioration continue que nous partageons avec un réseau départemental d’homologues. Elle a été contrôlée par un audit externe et reconnue par le Ministère du tourisme. L’obtention et le développement de la marque  exige la collaboration de tous : permanents, saisonniers, salariés et bénévoles.

Notre ambition :
- Gagner en efficacité
- Mettre le client au cœur de nos démarches d’accueil, de services et de visite
- Développer une attitude positive à son écoute

Afin de :
- Conforter et amplifier notre notoriété
- Renforcer la cohésion de notre équipe
- Participer à l’image de marque du tourisme de notre territoire

​Our values are yours…

The Bioparc is located in the heart of the Loire-Anjou-Touraine Regional Nature Park through which the Loire flows. It is punctuated by prestigious chateaux, picturesque villages in tufa stone, troglodytes... Here, amongst the rivers, vineyards and forests, nature and culture nourish themselves on harmony and even on gastronomy.

Proud of this heritage, we work hand in hand with the Park around shared values. Our commitment is accredited by the “Regional Nature Park values” label, a national brand delivered by the Ministry of the Environment.
We act on our level in terms of environmental protection, a stronger local solidarity economy and the well-being of women and men.

This label is given to exemplary touristic sites that are strongly committed to presenting their heritage with generosity and subtlety, with respect for man, the environment and the visitor.