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Engineering department

Specialised in zoological parks, BIOPARC’s Design Office offers its services for the design of aviaries and the realization. 

Contact :
Johanna Gay Constant



Our references
Bioparc • France - South American aviary - 1 hectare
Bioparc • France - African aviary - 4.000 m²
Bioparc • France - European aviary - 900 m²
Zoo des Sables • France - South sea island aviary - 700 m²
Zoo de Bamako • Mali - African aviary - 1.200 m²
Gaïa Zoo • Pays-Bas - Exotic aviary - 800 m²
ZooParc de Beauval • France - African aviary - 6.500 m²
Parc Phoenix • France - African aviary - 400 m²
Safari Zoo de Thoiry • France - Australian aviary - 400 m²
Réserve africaine de Sigean • France - African aviary -1 hectare

Stainless stell net

Our stainless steel handwoven net is the ideal solution for presenting all species of birds, primates and carnivores.

This long-lasting solution combinesoptimum safety and aesthetics.

We work directly with the manufacturer and monitor the quality of the product and delivery times to offer you the best price for this unique netting.

"Vine ropes"

Ideal for aviaries, vivarium, primate islands and indoor or outdoor exhibits Made of a polypropylene rope covered with silicon acrylic latex, natural fibres and dyes.

Two models available.